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  • August

The anatomy of Digital Printing & Marketing for B2B Industries Promotion

The anatomy of marketing has changed radically over the last decade or two especially for Business to Business( B2B) Industries.

Digital Printing & Marketing strategy for B2b Industries has been a debatable issue in many forums now with Marketing Leaders researching and analyzing its growth and impacts in B2B Industries. Earlier the main focus areas related to marketing were Traditional Marketing as it was the only evident field available. Gradually Direct mail marketing Caught up as the main focus service and reached new heights giving much needed boosts to Business to business Brands.

However with more and more prominence of Digital Printing & Marketing for B2b Industries for brand promotions, products and service promotions, a reshuffle of Marketing Strategies initiated and developed over the time. Print Marketing Ė is still very much there because of its unique visibility and local business Promotions. Retail businesses, Signs & Banners Printing have always taken the advantage of print marketing technology and personalization of campaigns. READ MORE


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